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Absorptive Barrier

Delnoise absorptive type works on the principle by reducing the sound wave generated from the source by breaking it down to multiple small waves by the process of diffraction, until the sound waves break down to the maximum and loses its energy while coming out. This particular principle helps to reduce the noise level and protects the environment from noise pollution on both side of the panels, between the highway and the closely packed cities, towns, villages, forest areas etc. Designed as per Indian road congress (IRC) and European Union (EU) standard.
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Reason for choosing our
Absorptive Barrier

Proven technology

Delnoise absorptive noise barriers are proven to protect the human and wildlife from noise pollution as per IRC and EN standards.

In house testing facility

Delnoise mechanical properties are tested at factory and the same can be witnessed.


  • Acoustic panel to absorb noise up to 38 Db
  • Graffiti Resistant
  • Resistant To Extreme
  • Weather & Dust
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Long Life Time


  • Reduces noise to the receiver by absorbing, diffusing or reflecting the sound waves.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with different colour options and designs
  • Protects the complex wildlife from noise pollution
  • Protects the Residential and hospital zone from noise pollution
  • Designed & tested as per EN standards for acoustic and mechanical properties.

Product Specifications

Reduces noise to the residence from the source by absorbing them

Up to 38 dB is reduced through noise cancellation techniques

Aesthetically pleasing from both the roadway and residence sides of the barrier

Can blend in to the environment by customized colors

Protect the wildlife from noise pollution

Acts as no-visual barrier for the wildlife's as well as the humans

High noise absorption capacity








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How can we help?

Have your own questions? (or) +91 44 25361242
  • 01. Can the product be customised?
    Yes , the height and width, colour of the structure and panel can be customised to suit the requirement.
  • 02. Where can the products be used?
    The Delnoise noise barrier can be used for an outdoor application to reduce the effects of noise pollution.
  • 03. Does the product need maintenance?
    Delnoise absoptive noise barrier needs to be cleaned when dust is accumulated on the panel.
  • 04. Can the panels be replaced easily?
    Yes, as the panels are placed one above the other, hence Delnoise absorptive panels can be replaced easily without damaging the structure.

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